Tung Tran Photo

My name is Tung Tran,
I’m a photographer.

People call me Tùng or Tisox, and I am a Saigonese who was born in 1992. In the early state of my life, my soul and heart were already filled with passion for capturing moments. And later on, enrolling in an English translation major along with experiences in Marketing, HR Management and Language Teaching has been giving me numerous chances to embrace the glamour of beauties from all over the world.

The art I have created and been treasuring is the result of the time I spent in working, studying and living my soul in western culture. Although you could find different types of photos in my portfolio, it is recognizable that portraits are the most dominant in the whole of my works. Still, landscapes and the others play an irreplaceable role in defining and refining my photography.

My Skills


Why Choose Me?


Uniqueness in every project

Professional skills

Photograph with experience, heart and soul

well-equipped manner

Nikon D800 with lenses are my best friends

realistic but artistic

Photographs are meant to be the reflection of life, but nobody said is must be “1 + 1 = 2”


Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and my photography will help to capture their beauty


Specialized in foreign language teaching and translation. Certified in graphic design. Experienced in freelance photography.

Latest News

I Have a Dream

Post-summer is the time empowered to beautify the human mind with the idea of many beginnings. I remember it was one of the clearest days in late summer when all the clouds harmonised themselves ...

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