Post-summer is the time empowered to beautify the human mind with the idea of many beginnings. I remember it was one of the clearest days in late summer when all the clouds harmonised themselves with the atmosphere and made way for the tranquility of thoughts. I have grown up a bit more since high school, and I started to step out of my comfort zone, to do nothing else but welcome questions regarding the upcoming pages of my life.

A blurry picture of a faraway land was sketched in my imagination as soon as I realised how small and familiar my city felt. The Vietnam of my memories was a peaceful station of childhood, especially the city where I was born. The Saigonese were lulled by songs of historical events and landscapes. Everyday waking up under the sunlight beaming down upon the city is a reminder of how my personality and faith are made. In other words, I was destined to live, love and frame my life in Vietnam.

At that time, all dreams are expensive and unreachable to such a teenage boy. People are raised and taught to target a future of stability and peace, which is a perfect combination of tradition and expectation. It led to myself living spontaneously in two very different worlds, one of which was the reality of social standards, arranged by likelihood and rules, and the other laid no other than in unrealistic dreams about my extraction from the society, facing new territory to find something amazing and slowly pursue. In that second world of mine, love is without boundaries and peace is endless.

Perhaps it is a piece of fortune since my soul is destined to be attached to the inconceivable so that the seemingly impossible dream that once occupied my thoughts is now taking me to the doorstep of a new utopia, in which I may pour my effort to build my happiness according to my own definition. As they say, dreams are never taxed, so let’s just dream very big and work incredibly hard and do everything in my power to make them happen.

A new sky will give me the opportunity to enhance the foundation that I have built over the past years in my hometown. At the moment of putting down these words, I once again nostalgically recalled the people that I met, the pure love that I experienced and the debris of life raining down upon my journey. All will fade when time goes by as the water never flows backwards to the space it passes, yet they are materials for my picture. Dreams based on reality, I realised, is the greatest motivation for one’s pursuit of life.

Yes, it is true. Promises, hugs and tears will blend all together into a faint white tone of time. Would the people I love remember me once our paths no longer cross? I call it a natural fear of dreaming too much, which is just a typical type of side effects, but still in some extent is pretty much like vast land of sorrow and solitude.

In the middle of the empty feeling when you are about to write a new book of life, you may think that the world should stop for a moment for you to spend more time enjoying the predictability of cowardice before setting out of the box you have been raised in. But no. Life goes on and you will probably be out there standing tall on your own two feet and be prepared with big dreams. The optimism must be found by no other than you from the existing reality, no matter how difficult it could be. My beloved reader has a kind of a very funny sense of unfogging the future, and I chose to believe him unconditionally when my scenery would be filled with ups and downs, putting efforts and bearing fruits, loving and nurturing dreams; that is my happiness.

No words could describe my gratitude to my beloved people I left behind. I leave for the better life and I leave you my best parts possible. May your life be blessed with the brightest future that I always pray for. I always love you.

So, welcome me with your warmest cold, Montreal.